Here is why anxious women are often the STRONGEST women -
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Here is why anxious women are often…
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Here is why anxious women are often the STRONGEST women

August 05, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Women who suffer from anxiety are well aware of the feeling of anguish that suffocates, paralyzes, annihilates, and always makes one feel in a state of alarm and discomfort.

Experiencing chronic anxiety is a real struggle that starts over again each and every day. Sometimes you win, many other times you lose, but what matters is never giving up.

The courage and the ability to move forward, to recover in spite of everything, makes these women the strongest people ever.

A woman who always knows what it means to fight constantly against anxiety faces life and the world with an invisible weight on her shoulders that no one else can see or perceive.

She often looks at those who she meets and wonders how they can live peacefully while in her mind there is a stormy sea, but she continues to do what she must and what she wants.

This fight does not always end with a victory, indeed, there are so many days when you stay at home watching TV because that is how it was supposed to go and because that is what you really need.

The strength of anxious women, however, lies in not letting go and not remaining imprisoned in the same loop, but to instead always find the desire to get up and start over.

Such a life can be exhausting, but it is always worth being experienced and lived. It does not matter how much effort it can cost, because these women have immense inner resources.

The pain and suffering are great, but the desire to not be overwhelmed is greater. Moreover, so is the determination to reclaim at the beginning and end of each day, the right to do and to be whatever one wants to be.

The ability to be reborn every day and to rise from that dark and deep hole where sometimes anxiety makes one precipitate is a sort of "superpower" and a quality that makes anxious women unique and special.

If you also recognize yourself in these words and if you also live with your emotionality while maintaining a precarious balance, and yet you still manage to push on and go forward into the world, then know that you are exceptional, strong, and unstoppable.

You are the limits you can overcome, you are the fears that you vanquish and the ever-widening spaces that you can conquer beyond your comfort zones.

If it is true that you are an anxious woman, it is also true that you are extraordinary. And you should never forget this.

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