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The 10 things an Alpha Woman cannot…
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The 10 things an Alpha Woman cannot tolerate in a relationship


Independent, autonomous, and ambitious women: They are the so-called "alpha women", that are a category of people who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to defend what they believe.

It is not easy to comprehensively describe all that an alpha woman embodies - there are not enough adjectives to describe all of her energy.

They are usually women who believe very much in themselves and in their abilities, and have rather strong opinions, especially when it comes to dealing with certain aspects of life.

Even when it comes to choosing the person to share life with, an alpha woman knows exactly what she wants and, consequently, what to look for in a partner.

At her side, the alpha woman looks for a man who shares her own enthusiasm for life and who does not let himself be intimidated by her ambitions.

There are, therefore, at least 10 things that an alpha woman will not tolerate in a relationship.

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The lack of respect. Alpha women have a deep respect for themselves and they know perfectly well what they are worth, so they will never be satisfied with lower standards than what they have in mind. If she is humiliated, the alpha woman will not think twice about going her own way. 

Useless excuses. Alpha women love and respect those who recognize their mistakes and they willingly accept the apology of their partner, always trying to understand what motivations lie behind certain actions or affirmations. But if you start to invent stupid excuses that are clearly false and deceitful, an the alpha woman will discover this and your relationship will irreversibly move towards its end, if you continue to manifest certain behaviors. 

Being controlled. The alpha woman is very independent and will never give up her freedom. If she feels that the relationship is based exclusively on a relationship of codependency, she will tend to terminate it immediately. 

Reliability. Keeping your word is very important and an alpha woman demands sincerity and transparency in a relationship. There is nothing she hates more than a partner's lies or broken promises - alpha women demand and require reliability.

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Infidelity. There is not much to add on this point: if you betray her, then she will leave you in the blink of an eye. There is not and there never will be a valid reason to betray someone, so if you feel the uncontrollable need to meet other people, talk to her clearly about your need, so that she can observe the issue from every point of view and give you an answer in all honesty.

Lies. Alpha women appreciate honesty, no matter how hard it is to accept. No kind of sugarcoating will be of any use, the key to building the relationship is complete honesty. 

Not supported. Another important element that an alpha woman looks for in a partner is his support. This woman does not need a man who constantly shows her how to do things, but a man who knows how to stand by her side and who supports her in every endeavor, always encouraging her to move forward to get everything she wants in life. 

To believe that one is better than others. The alpha woman does not tolerate this kind of thinking because she firmly believes that everyone should be treated equally and in the same way. 

Being manipulated. Do not try to fool her with manipulative speeches and behaviors - she will notice it immediately and that will be the end for you.

Emotional abuse. The alpha woman has a strong and active personality, and if her partner should disrespect her or minimize her emotions, she will have no problem confronting the issue. She will not remain silent when it comes to her own well-being.

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