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A real man does not make his partner…
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A real man does not make his partner suffer, instead, he loves her and does everything to protect her


Being a "real man" is not synonymous with having many women, but on the contrary, it is knowing how to love one's partner.

A good relationship between two people is much more than physical intimacy or social recognition.

The perfect male partner, in fact, is revealed day by day based on how he behaves. In fact, our behavior determines who we are with facts and not words.

And what defines a "real man" is one who knows how to make his partner feel loved, he gives her respect and attention without taking everything for granted. Let's see why.

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Love is something to live fully and with joy; If it wounds and hurts, then it is no longer love.

Offending and hurting those around you, or being too jealous and possessive, only leads to moving further and further away from a person.

True love requires effort and a mutual desire to always move towards each other and to try to go in the same direction.

To accomplish this, there are limits that should never be exceeded, whatever happens, because respect and trust are the basis of every relationship.

And, if over time you realize that something has changed, and you don't feel the same things for the other person, then it is better to end the relationship and walk away, rather than to be mean and offensive while filling your partner with guilt and lies.

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Moreover, "real men" do not harm their partner, rather they do everything they can to protect her and make her happy.

In fact, love is just that: making each other happy and walking together in the time that awaits us.

True love must never be implored or bartered, nor must it make one despair while waiting for some small signs of attention that are infrequently manifested.

Many women may even end up making their suffering "romantic", but it is not love if their man makes them suffer, and they should realize that he is not a "real" man.

However, real men do exist! And sometimes, many women have one right in front of their eyes, but these women are too busy suffering and complaining about those men who do not deserve them.

Unsatisfying relationships are emotionally draining and take away your time and energy. It is much better to open your eyes, and you will discover that a "real man" could be closer than you think!

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