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10 clear tell-tale signs that warn you…
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10 clear tell-tale signs that warn you that you are involved in a toxic relationship


Do you have a stormy love relationship but cannot seem to understand where the problem is?

Probably, at some point in your life, you have met a man who you thought was perfect for you and who, with time, turned out to be exactly the opposite.

Did his behavior and attitudes prove to be harmful and did they influence you emotionally, so as to make you think about yourself in ways that you had never even imagined? Well, then you are dealing with a toxic man.

Unfortunately, toxic men disguise themselves as Prince Charming, when in reality they are the real villains in the love story! But how can we recognize them and defend ourselves from these individuals?

Let's look at 10 tell-tale signs that indicate that you are in a relationship with a toxic man.

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You feel perpetually tired. A toxic man absorbs a lot of energy, both physical and emotional, yet, all the time you dedicate to him never seems to be enough! He will make you feel like you are not good enough for him.

You don't have any economic independence. A toxic man tries to dominate the relationship and will never allow you to have your own economic security and, therefore, the independence you desire so much.

Provokes self-esteem issues. You will always be diminished and put on the sideline by a toxic man. He will make you doubt your worth and make you believe that you are worth nothing and deserve nothing. In this way, he makes sure to feed his ego, so that you will always depend on him.

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You will start to doubt your own sanity. For every unsolved dilemma, at every opportunity, a toxic partner will make you believe that you are the problem. You are the crazy one in the relationship --- because he says that you are! Your self-doubt is convenient as it gives him more power.

You will distance yourself from family and friends. With a toxic man by your side, you will always have problems with your friends and family. You will be constantly entangled in useless arguments, especially concerning the opinion you have of your partner, which will ultimately make you stop talking to them permanently.

You will fear the future. You do not feel comfortable in your relationship, yet you continue to hope that things will adjust over time and that the future will smile at you. Unfortunately, things will not improve if you decide to continue to stay in such a relationship.

You will deny the situation. You will try to convince yourself that you have the strength and the ability to carry on in your relationship and that everything will eventually settle down. But a part of you knows that this is not the case.

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You will take out your frustrations on others. Unjustly, the people who love you the most will be the victims of your frustrations and will turn away from you. They will pay the consequences of your humiliation and suffering generated by your toxic partner.

You will lose weight. The emotional stress generated by the toxic relationship will cause a loss of appetite and, consequently, weight loss.

Your emotions will make you sick. There are several ways you can somatize the effects of a toxic relationship and, without a doubt, your mind and body will suffer more and more every day.

If you feel that you are imprisoned in a "love" relationship with a toxic partner, who makes you feel unappreciated and constantly humiliated, you should definitely end the relationship!

You deserve to be happy and spend your life with someone you truly loves you for who you are.

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