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"You will be my sight and I will be…
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"You will be my sight and I will be your legs". Two disabled young people join forces to climb mountains and realize their dreams!

July 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

These special friends met for the first time, by chance, during an adaptive boxing fitness class. Then, they ran into each other again --- at an adaptive climbing training course!

From that moment a special friendship was born that proves that even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome with the help of the right people and strong will power.

Since they are both from Colorado, they share a great passion for camping and open spaces, so much so that they have found an optimal solution so that they do not have to give up their outdoor excursions.

The impediment is that he has lost his sight and she cannot walk! So, they have decided to join forces to make up for what the other lacks --- and together climb the highest peaks!

Melanie Knecht was born with spina bifida (a birth defect that affects the spine and spinal cord) and is therefore forced to use a wheelchair to move around. And Trevor Hahn recently became blind after contracting glaucoma five years ago.

These are two individuals with different disabilities, who share a love for camping and outdoor sports and have decided to join forces to make their dreams come true.

The idea was born when Melanie told Trevor how, during a trip to Easter Island, she had the opportunity to participate in the excursion only because she had been carried around on the shoulders of another person.
At that point, Trevor had a brilliant idea! He said: "I can no longer see but I can walk, while you can't move but you can see - I will be your legs and you my sight!". 

It is with this spirit of initiative that the two began to climb mountains and hike along the most beautiful trails in Colorado. Their goal, however, is to climb a mountain over 13,000 ft (4,000 m) high.

At the beginning of each excursion, a friend places Melanie on Trevor's back in a special harness that is suitable for supporting and transporting his traveling companion. And from that moment on, the two are ready to leave for their adventure!

The two have an Instagram profile that documents their experience, but they are not looking for fame.

What is important to Trevor is to help Melanie see wonderful places that make her smile. For both of them, their excursions, in addition to being an essential physical and leisure activity, are also a very important testimony.

In fact, their hiking activities can also be of help to all those disabled people who, like them, are looking for inclusive and innovative solutions to live better.

"This is the human spirit," Hahn said. "If you want something with all of yourself and find the right people who also want what you want, you can do anything."


A story that shows how "where there is a will there is a way"! And how, thanks to the help of the right people, our dreams can be realized.


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