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Man throws his garbage into a field of olive trees, but forgets his paycheck in the bags: he's tracked down and fined

It is said that good deeds are always rewarded, but according to this popular saying the opposite is also valid: karma will take care of it - karma will punish those who insist on committing bad deeds.…

Why do some people get bitten by mosquitoes more than others as summer approaches?

Punctually, as soon as the hottest season of the year arrives, our bodies are literally attacked by swarms of mosquitoes that seem to particularly appreciate our skin; yet, according to what we hear from…

Garlic as a natural repellent against plant parasites: an excellent infusion that keeps away aphids and fungi

More and more people are passionate about the world of gardening and plan to take it up in their own garden or even on their balcony. In fact, to have some aromatic herbs plants or a small supply of lettuce…

Orchids are wonderful indoor plants with a "magical" power: they purify the air and calm the nerves

Orchids are very beautiful and elegant plants, which give wonderful blooms but which, at the same time, are also very delicate - for this reason, they deserve some additional attention. Both in the office…

5 simple tips to keep your lovely poinsettia plant alive even after the holidays

Every year, a large part of the Christmas holiday season atmosphere is transmitted by the various decorations and lights that are usually placed inside and outside the home. Tradition has it that there…

Heat waves make ticks proliferate! Here's how to make an effective do-it-yourself repellent

In the summer, one spends more time outdoors, often engaging in activities such as gardening or simply going for walks in nature. Although these are definitely pleasant pastimes, even in these situations,…

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