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Here are 17 plants that can clean the indoor environment of our homes, certified by NASA

When a house is a home, it is considered a sanctuary, a welcoming haven where one is embraced by the warmth of one's family, and where one should feel safe and protected. But in order for a house to…

12 trees among the oldest and most majestic trees on planet Earth!

Tall, short, low, flowering, bare, branched, slender or covered with thorns: in whatever form they appear, trees are the strongest symbol of the force of Nature and also of the timeless peace, that emanates…

It has been used for thousands of years for its multiple properties. Here are all the benefits of the laurel tree.

In times before the development of medical science, plants were used as a natural remedy for many diseases or as simple ointments with surprising beneficial properties. However, with the advent of scientific…

How to prepare ginger water, a precious ally with numerous beneficial qualities

The formula to lead a healthy and physically fit life is well-known: Consume a balanced diet combined with physical exercise.  However, there are some useful tricks to lose weight, including drinking ginger…

Plant a wildlife hedge rather than building a fence! Here are the extra benefits that you would not expect!

Tired of the usual anonymous hedge, indistinguishable from that of your neighbor or from all the other hedges in your residential area? Furthermore, brick/block hedges or those sad shrub hedges cut into…

Animals with "Buns in the oven"! Here are some of the cutest baby bumps in the animal kingdom

Expecting a baby or babies (!) is one of the happiest moments you can experience throughout your life. The joy of becoming a parent is unparalleled, just take a look at glowing expectant mothers! But…

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