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Plant a wildlife hedge rather than building a fence! Here are the extra benefits that you would not expect!

Tired of the usual anonymous hedge, indistinguishable from that of your neighbor or from all the other hedges in your residential area? Furthermore, brick/block hedges or those sad shrub hedges cut into…

Animals with "Buns in the oven"! Here are some of the cutest baby bumps in the animal kingdom

Expecting a baby or babies (!) is one of the happiest moments you can experience throughout your life. The joy of becoming a parent is unparalleled, just take a look at glowing expectant mothers! But…

These photos remind us that Mother Nature really does have an exceptional sense of humor ... and beauty!

Sometimes, Mother Nature can be really amusing and when she plays around with genetics, she definitely knows how to bring out some truly unique and surprising characteristics. When Mother Nature reveals…

Ants build a living bridge to attack a wasp's nest and it is a true demonstration of clever ingenuity

Among the most fearsome insects, we certainly would not expect to find ants! In fact, these are insects that are known for being extremely dedicated to work and even though very small they are incredibly…

A rare white peacock is preparing to open its tail and the show it puts on is nothing short of wonderful

As a symbol of elegance and splendor, the peacock has captivated people of all ages, who have been enraptured by its vibrant colors and its haughty gait. The males of this species possess a peculiar tail,…

25 photos of curious and extraordinary things that you never expected to see

The order and the regularity of certain patterns of life transmit to us tranquility and stability, but upon closer inspection, the world is made of equally surprising events. In fact, there are aspects…

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