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5 simple tips to keep your lovely poinsettia plant alive even after the holidays

Every year, a large part of the Christmas holiday season atmosphere is transmitted by the various decorations and lights that are usually placed inside and outside the home. Tradition has it that there…

Heat waves make ticks proliferate! Here's how to make an effective do-it-yourself repellent

In the summer, one spends more time outdoors, often engaging in activities such as gardening or simply going for walks in nature. Although these are definitely pleasant pastimes, even in these situations,…

"You will be my sight and I will be your legs". Two disabled young people join forces to climb mountains and realize their dreams!

These special friends met for the first time, by chance, during an adaptive boxing fitness class. Then, they ran into each other again --- at an adaptive climbing training course! From that moment a special…

Being near the sea makes our brains happier!

The sea has positive effects on blood circulation, on rheumatic diseases, on respiratory pathologies, etc., but even just the mere act of watching and listening to the waves produces a state of psychophysical…

An infusion prepared with this leaf can be a real cure-all for the kidneys and blood circulation

We are what we eat: How many times have we heard this phrase? Those who affirm it with certainty are not wrong, because it is absolutely true that, to be healthy, it is essential to eat well and maintain…

Here we present, purslane, a common plant with many benefits for the body and the palate!

We often talk about omega 3, the essential fatty acids that help our body protect itself from cardiovascular diseases and from cholesterol accumulation. The sources from which these precious "helpers"…

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