This giant multicolored squirrel is…
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This giant multicolored squirrel is almost too beautiful to be real

May 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Probably an article about squirrels would not amaze you since these are cute, docile, and extremely intelligent animals.

However, this is not an article about just any ordinary squirrels! This article is about a species called Malabar that besides being bigger by even more than twice all the other squirrels, it also has extremely colorful fur.

You should know that even a squirrel expert was speechless the first time he saw a Malabar specimen!

This giant Indian squirrel, also known as Malabar, is a large squirrel that lives on trees in India.

The fur of the Malabar is typically two-colored, sometimes tricolored. Moreover, in the light of the sun, the nuances of color are innumerable and enough to confuse the animal with a fantasy creature.

image: Wikimedia

As an adult, the Malabar can exceed 3 ft (90 cm) because its tail is incredibly long and thick!

image: Wikipedia

Malabars are found almost exclusively in the forests of India, which makes it even more special.

Like other squirrels, the Malabar are also capable of very long jumps. In fact, it can reach in flight a branch even 20 ft (6 meters) away!

If you see a Malabar for the first time it might frighten you a little due to its size, but then you will immediately acknowledge the splendor of this animal!


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