Ants build a living bridge to attack…
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Ants build a living bridge to attack a wasp's nest and it is a true demonstration of clever ingenuity

August 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Among the most fearsome insects, we certainly would not expect to find ants!

In fact, these are insects that are known for being extremely dedicated to work and even though very small they are incredibly intelligent creatures. Furthermore, they do not have claws or lethal poisons like most animals.

Yet ants can be a real danger when an entire colony collaborates fully together. 

When we say that "unity is strength" it is especially true in their case! Take a look at this video that shows how a colony of army ants built a living bridge to attack a wasp nest.

Army ants aka Legionary ants are among the most dangerous, both for their prey (small and medium insects) and for human beings. When the food accumulated in an anthill begins to decline, the colony of army ants form an organized hunting expedition. 

They move in very long lines, a bit like the phalanxes of an ancient army, protecting the ant colony with the use of particularly aggressive bites. Army ant colonies can even number up to 20 million individuals. 

This video, filmed in Brazil, shows how a colony of army ants organized and engineered to the point of building a living bridge (made of the ants themselves) to reach a crawl space located under a roof. Wasps are not impossible prey for ants because by acting in a group, ants can, with their bodies, completely cover wasps and prevent them from flying away and escaping. Then repeated bites by hundreds of ants do the rest. 

A real nightmare scene for anyone with entomophobia (fear of insects)!


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