NASA listed 17 plants capable of purifying…
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NASA listed 17 plants capable of purifying the air in our homes

May 12, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When a house is a home, it is considered a sanctuary, a welcoming haven where one is embraced by the warmth of one's family, and where one should feel safe and protected.

But in order for a house to become a home and a part of one's very soul, every once in a while a house needs to be cleaned.

Of course, this does not only mean just sweeping and washing the floors, sanitizing bathrooms and tidying up bedrooms, it also means eliminating bacteria and germs from the air. 

In fact, the American space agency NASA, in this regard, recommends 17 indoor plants that with their superpowers are able to filter the air and eliminate bacteria and toxins present in the environment, and consequently, transform carbon dioxide into very clean and healthy oxygen!

via: NASA

Pygmy Date Palm tree

Red Dracaena


Variegated Snake Plant

Bamboo Palm tree

image: Pixabay

Weeping Fig (Ficus)


Peace Lily

image: Pixabay

Western Sword Fern


Boston Fern


image: Picryl

Chinese Evergreen plant

Long-leaved Palm

Barbeton Daisy

English Ivy

image: Wikimedia

Devil's Ivy

Flamingo Lily

Spider Ivy Plant

After this wonderful photo gallery of indoor plants recommended by none other than NASA, now a visit to the botanical garden closest to your home, we believe, is a must, don't you think?

Which of these "bacteria eliminating" plants do you already have in your house?

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