Orchids are wonderful indoor plants with a "magical" power: they purify the air and calm the nerves

Alison Forde

April 17, 2020

Orchids are wonderful indoor plants with a

Orchids are very beautiful and elegant plants, which give wonderful blooms but which, at the same time, are also very delicate - for this reason, they deserve some additional attention. Both in the office and at home, a beautiful orchid will makean impression and enrich the environment by giving an extra touch of magic to your room. As if that were not enough, orchids have the "power" to improve air quality, supplying it with oxygen and purifying it of unwanted substances.



The purifying power of orchids mainly consists in absorbing those unwanted substances, such as xylene or toluene, which are present in many homes or offices. These are substances which, if frequently inhaled, can cause headaches, irritability and tiredness. So, in addition to being a source of personal satisfaction at every flowering, the orchid is a plant that offers our body incredible benefits. 

By releasing large quantities of oxygen, orchids are beneficial for the mind and body. The beauty of its flowers also provides a proven calming effect on all the senses, helping us to calm down and remain more serene. This is why orchids are often placed in bedrooms.


In addition, according to the Asian tradition of Feng Shui, an ancient art that aims to seek harmony in the home environment, orchids in the home help to bring positive energy and vitality throughout the home.

In short, orchids are a type of plant that you cannot miss in your apartment, especially because it will give a touch of class to the interior.