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A kitten waits every day in front of…
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A kitten waits every day in front of the grocery store "asking" passersby to buy food

April 24, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Animals never cease to amaze us. Even if we think that reasoning and certain strands of thought are impossible for them to think up, it is not uncommon to change one's mind. Tania Sants, is a Mexican girl who, while she was going shopping in a store near her home, saw a scene which was funny and amazing at the same time.

The protagonist? A highly intelligent white kitten, sitting all alone in front of the store entrance. The cat, as Tania understood in a short time, was not sitting there by chance at all. On the contrary, his presence there had a very specific purpose.

The young woman, as many of us would do, approached the kitten, stroking it a little on the muzzle. At that point, however, the feline did not remain outside, but decided, as if nothing had happened, to follow her inside the grocery store to ... do some shopping!

You got it right: following Tania step by step, the cat stopped in front of the cat food shelves and, when the girl noticed it, he got up on his hind legs, as if he wanted to take the bag. Tania, at that point, took it for him and the cat was absolutely happy with the decision, so much that he confirmed her "choice" with a nice meow.

The charming episode was filmed on video and shared by Saints on Facebook, arousing smiles and warmth in many users. Whenever Tania went shopping, the white cat was there waiting for her. The girl then asked the shop owners for information, who confirmed that it was a stray who went there every day to get people to buy him food. So, she decided to adopt it, giving this four-legged friend a new life and a new home.

It's true: when a cat gets something in his head, one way or another he will get it!


Pubblicato da Tania Sants su Venerdì 20 marzo 2020
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