This cat is so big, many mistake it for a dog: it weighs nearly 13kg (29lbs) -
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This cat is so big, many mistake it…
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This cat is so big, many mistake it for a dog: it weighs nearly 13kg (29lbs)

January 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

If you are a cat lover, this incredible story is definitely for you. In fact, we are sure that you will have never seen a cat so big and so bulky as the subject of the photos that are going viral around the world. This extraordinary specimen of a Maine Coon lives with his mistress, Yulia Minina, in Russia and is already becoming a sensation on the web thanks to his sheer size. You can get an ideal of how big this cat is when you realise that many people, when they see him on the street together with mistress, mistake him for a dog...

This record-breaking cat is called Kefir, and he is less than two years old. For his age, the cat is excedingly weighty, and is even heavier than the average for a 2-year-old human being (which is usually between 7 and 11 kg). He was bought by his owner Yulia, who lives in the Russian city of Stary Oskol as a breeding cat, and Yulia fell in love with his extraordinary white fur and his exceptional size...

Although he now weighs more than 12 kg and looks almost like a dog for people who see him walking alongside his human owner, Kefir has a very big heart. He is a very playful and above all, he loves being cuddled intimately, even if to someone who doesn't know him, he can appear to be intimidating...

This cat’s as big as a dog — and sweet as a baby. A Maine Coone from Stary Oskol in eastern Russia is thought to be the...

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Speaking of her experience with Kefir, Yulia said: "I couldn't even imagine that a normal child of the same age could grow that big. Not only did he grow up rapidly and weighs over 12 kg, he is also a very intelligent cat and he always behaves gently. Sometimes he acts as if he were a real human person, and Kefir is great in this, but he can also be a very affectionate and modest kitten..."

In short, Kefir seems to have all the credentials to soon become a real record-breaking cat: with his 12.5 kg weight, he could be a candidate for the title of largest cat in the world - even if there is currently no such official category...


Many users on the web have commented on the extraordinary images of this one-of-a-kind Maine Coon cat with a degree of suspicion. Some have accused Yulia of modifying her photos, but she firmly replies: "I don't use Photoshop - these photos are real and this is my real cat!"

Have you ever met a somewhat... oversized cat?

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