This cat was put in "solitary confinement" because it always managed to escape and also take other cats along with him -
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This cat was put in "solitary confinement"…
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This cat was put in "solitary confinement" because it always managed to escape and also take other cats along with him

November 16, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Here we introduce Quilty, a naughty tom cat who has lived for a long time in an animal shelter in Houston, Texas, called Friends For Life.

The main characteristic of this cute feline is that every time he has been able, he has succeeded in quietly sneaking out of his cat bed or from his designated kennel, and escaping - followed by all his four-legged feline friends!

Quilty, is a real rebel who yearns for freedom and for this reason he has often been put in "solitary confinement" in the same animal shelter where he lives so that he could not escape nor help other cats escape from the animal adoption center ...

via: Time

Initially, Quilty had been left to wander around the lobby in the shelter strictly alone, without the presence of his older four-legged feline friends, since in the past he had helped them escape from their cages, but evidently this was not enough ...

Therefore, the naughty cat was placed in another animal shelter, from which, nevertheless, he also managed to escape!

He was caught and brought back and confined to his room. However, now, Quilty thought that sneaking out of the window was a good idea, but he soon discovered it was a mirror and not a window! So, obviously that plan would never be successful ...

So if the window idea didn't work, no problem! The wily cat managed to get away by escaping from his confinement room at the exact moment when an employee at the new animal shelter timidly opened the door and -- Quilty, in a flash, quickly ran out the door ...what an incorrigible cat!


All this he did again about five separate times, and each time he was promptly caught by the animal shelter employees and taken back to his room. We are certain that Quilty did not like this.

Then when Friends For Life published a post on Facebook with the incredible story of this cat with its innumerable attempts to escape and its yearning for freedom, many users immediately went to the trouble of finding Quilty a roof under which to live with the affection of a family of humans ... who knew how to love him but without confining him ...

And that's what he finally got. After so many escapes, Quilty has finally found his own family, where we hope he will not feel the need to try to ... sneak out!

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