She stopped the freeway traffic to save a distressed kitty before it was too late -
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She stopped the freeway traffic to save…
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She stopped the freeway traffic to save a distressed kitty before it was too late

November 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

You are driving on a particularly crowded highway with your car, when you notice something moving on the side of the road, something very small and defenseless that seems to need urgent help, before it risks being mown down by a car. What if that helpless little creature was a kitten? Would you stop your car in the middle of a highway to get him to safety?

A situation in which a woman who was traveling in her car on a very crowded Los Angeles freeway found herself when she noticed a frightened kitten beside the left side of the road which was desperately trying to move, or even to cross that very dangerous stretch of road.

The woman, of course, did not think twice and did a U-turn as soon as she could to save him, despite the danger of the situation ...

She turned back as soon as she could, and with a great deal of courage, she stopped all the cars that were speeding by, to take the distressed cat in her arms and save him from the perils of the highway that would have left him very little chance of escape. Stopping traffic on one of the freeway, the kitten was placed inside her car and immediately fell asleep. On taking it to the vet, they found that the kitten had been malnourished and dehydrated for some time, and also had an ongoing eye infection.


But all is well that ends well for this poor cat in need; not only was he then transferred from the vet to an animal shelter, but he was also adopted and now lives under a loving roof in the company of another cat which he never leaves!

Aspecial thanks to the very big-hearted woman who stopped the highway traffic and gave this kitten a new life!

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