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A young boy who does not own a tablet…
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A young boy who does not own a tablet goes to a store and asks to use one to finish his geography homework


The world can seem to be a very unfair place. There are those who enjoy infinite privileges and others appear to be condemned to the most miserable conditions of life.

Some think that this has nothing to do with merit, skill or effort. That it is simply the gap between the rich and the poor.

Fortunately, this is not true, even when things seem hopeless if a person is determined to change their life, they can.

One example is a boy who was filmed in a shop in Recife, Brazil, who gave a wonderful demonstration of what perseverance and dedication to self-improvement can do!

The 10-year-old boy was in a Samsung store and started using a tablet computer on display. After a few minutes, a witness noticed that he was not playing videogames, but with his notebook and pen, he was doing his geography homework.

via: Curta Mais

It was later learned, that the student had entered the store and asked the sales assistants for permission to do his homework on the tablet on display. 

He had made this request because his class had been assigned a practical homework exercise concerning geography that could only be done online and he did not have a computer to do it at home.

A video published by an unknown author and then posted on Facebook and seen by many users around the world shows the young boy making good use of the tablet on display in the Samsung store in Recife (Brazil).

After the video had been seen by countless users, the young boy was identified as Guilherme Henrique Santos.

With this information, the Samsung store in question has decided to find him and then help him by providing the technological equipment and the support needed for him to complete his studies.


Of course, children, in conditions of extreme poverty, should be able to find resources and people who can give them and their families a helping hand so that they can continue and complete their studies.

Excellent examples are the manager and the sales assistants at this Samsung store who have shown themselves, in any case, to be models of sympathetic behavior and generosity by also providing this young boy with practical and concrete assistance.

Moreover, we hope that this story can be an inspiration to all the children in the world to know that if they are intelligent enough to take advantage of opportunities and determined to work hard then their efforts will be recognized and rewarded.

Moreover, just like Guilherme Henrique Santos, they will be able to find the resources and the people who are willing and able to help them build a bright future.

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