This little dog gives everyone an adorable smile as she leaves the animal shelter to go to her new family -
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This little dog gives everyone an adorable…
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This little dog gives everyone an adorable smile as she leaves the animal shelter to go to her new family

November 17, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Just like us humans, animals are also able to experience strong and sometimes irrepressible emotions. In this context, dogs are certainly real "specialists".

With their expressiveness, joy, and desire to be close to their human friends, they can really make us believe that they are trying to tell us something.

The reaction of Matilda, a female pitbull puppy, when she had finally been adopted and was being taken away from the animal shelter where she had spent most of her life, is part of those wonderful and highly visible emotions that dogs can express.

On her face, in fact, she has a truly happy and genuine smile, immortalized, and shared on the Internet by the animal shelter volunteer who was at her side.

via: The Dodo

Matilda has left the building!!!! She is sooo stinking sweet and cute! Huge thanks to Pibbles & More Animal Rescue-PMAR GA for saving her! Thanks to all that pledged for her vetting! 😍😘😗😜😝😛🤗🤓😎

Pubblicato da Santina Sanders su Mercoledì 23 agosto 2017

The fact is that the volunteer, whose name is Santina Sanders, did not and could not remain indifferent to the little dog's enthusiastic reaction!

Matilda was, after all, leaving the animal shelter (where she had arrived in precarious health conditions) to go to her new adoptive family, found thanks to the Pibbles & More Animal Rescue group and, from her expression, she seemed to have understood what was happening.

She could not stop smiling and wagging her tail and seeing this reaction, all the animal shelter volunteers who had found her a  new home and family were also filled with joy.

And her happiness is truly contagious because it has continued to spread since the little pit bull dog did not turn it off when she arrived at her new home.

In fact, according to her new human owner and friend Kerrie Rich, the little dog is so happy about whatever she sees and does and that she has managed to transform the life of every member of the family for the better.

Matilda is a truly joyful dog, which once again shows how much love these animals can give to those who take care of them, especially if they have experienced traumatic or unhappy experiences in the past.

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