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14 photos of children in disastrous…
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14 photos of children in disastrous but funny situations that surely exasperated their parents

November 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Having children is something that is wonderful - and every parent can have their own personal opinion about it.

But, mostly, parents are all united in regard to the infinite joy that they felt when they looked at their child in the eyes for the first time.

As beautiful and rewarding as that maybe, this does not mean that the "job" of being parents is easy or simple.

In fact, children, especially, young children, are a lethal combination of energy and creativity, and often bring their parents to the limits of tolerance and patience.

It is inevitable that children are very lively and that their mind perceives everything as a great, exciting game, but often their hapless parents fail to keep up with them.

Here are 14 photos of "Dennis the Menace" type situations with children creating homemade disasters and whose parents must walk around daily saying, "I must be going mad! I can't believe what I just saw!"

1. "Let's play hide and seek?!"

2. Never leave butter near a young child ...


3. He was trying to lure the cat towards its bowl

4. How about a little bit of ketchup?

5. Here you need the help of the "Ghostbusters"!


6. "Grrrr, I'll get you !!"

7. Stopping a nose bleed with Lego figures? Doctors advise against it!


8. "Every time we go shopping, it is always the same old story ..."

9. When you leave the kitchen for five minutes ...


10. Very well ... but the book was not THAT bad!

11. Evidently, someone was hungry ...

12. This does not always work for extracting breast milk ...

13. A winning team game strategy!

14. "Whaaaa?! Oh, Noooo! The fridge is locked!?"


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