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15 uncontrollable children who prove…
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15 uncontrollable children who prove that a parent can never relax for a moment

October 04, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Children are certainly one of the greatest joys in life. Deciding to have a child is certainly an important step for a couple and despite the objective difficulties, being a parent has many positive aspects. It is true that when you have to look after one or more little ones, you can't allow yourself to be distracted for a moment! A few minutes are enough to trigger mini tragedies or small daily disasters, which only a child of a few months or a few years of life could generate. In short, a parent's "job" can only be learned by doing it and making mistakes every day, and it can very well be exhausting. The parents of these pesky children are well aware of this and, unwittingly, put them to the test every day.

1. "I just told you to stop eating with your hands ..."

2. "My daughter said she wanted to cook ..."


3. "This was a brand new pencil just 1 hour ago ..."

4. "My daughter became fond of the pumpkin I bought and when I told her I was going to cook it she started crying in despair ..."

5. "I'm babysitting my 3 year old sister. I went to the kitchen for a moment and when I got back I saw this ..."


6. "When she saw a bride on the street, she thought she was the princess from her favorite book. I'm crying!"

7. "When I was little I thought junction boxes were robots. My mother allowed me to have my picture taken next to one of these boxes"


8. When your child informs you at 10pm that he has to bring a handmade birdhouse to school tomorrow for a display ...

9. And then you turn around and see him lying on the ground simply because "he's tired"


10. "He told me he wanted to be like his little dog ..."

11. "The child of some distracted parent thought this styrofoam apple was real and decided to bite it in several places ..."

12. Looks like someone left their child alone for a few minutes with a permanent marker...

13. "He said he wants to be a mannequin ..."

image: Reddit / Niyi_M

14. "He's mad at me because I hugged his sister first ..."

15. "I told my daughters to resolve their issues with a pillow fight.."


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