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20 photos describing some of the funniest…
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20 photos describing some of the funniest and most absurd reasons why little ones cry

September 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Parenting is for many the most beautiful "job" in the world, but it can undoubtedly be very tiring and even alienating if you don't take some space to breathe and get away from the incessant whims every now and then. Obviously, there are millions of positive aspects to taking care of a defenseless little creature that will grow in our image and likeness. Over time, it is also possible to better appreciate the comic side of certain situations which, at first sight, seem like grand tragedies. From when they are small, children are naturally inclined to throw tantrums over small things and there is nothing to be surprised about. Still, there are cases in which it will seem impossible that your child is really crying about something so ridiculous and meaningless. In this list of photos we want to show you some of the most absurd and at the same time funny reasons why a child can throw a tantrum:

1. He is crying because "the microwave ate his lunch"

"She's crying because I wouldn't let her drink the chemicals under the sink..."


3. He wanted to have exclusive rights to the cart and can't accept that his sister is sitting next to him

4. "We told him that this Porsche is not ours and he can't get in it .."

They don't know how to lose...


6. Someone ate all his muffins (it was him)

7. "He just decided he doesn't want to go anywhere ... but we weren't going anywhere tonight!"


8. "You don't understand, she'll die!!"

9. Why is she crying? Her brother sat down to breakfast next to her ...


10. "He found that the ice cream is cold ..."

image: twizz.ru

11. "We said she couldn't have more bacon ..."

12. He met Iron Man without his costume ...

13. "I told him he couldn't keep it as a pet ..."

14. "He's screaming because he wants my beer!"

15. "He is desperate because he can't find his red ball to play with it"

16. A fly landed next to him ...

image: Pikabu

17. When you try to save the life of your child who wants to put his fingers in the socket, but you are still the "bad guy"

18. "My fork keeps falling ..."

19. "I told him he couldn't take that wagon home with all the pink socks in the shop ..."

20. "He's desperate because I told him I can't fix this cracker."


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