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15 photos of long haired babies who…
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15 photos of long haired babies who looked like they were wearing a wig when they were born

October 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are those who come into the world with a head full of hair and those who, on the other hand, have very little: in any case, many babies begin to lose this hair, or their hair thins out, starting from their sixth month, and it is replaced with hair which is gradually more and more robust. In short, totally "bald" newborns do not exist, as every newborn, even before birth, has a thin layer of hair called the fetal fleece, which covers the head of a newborn; from 6 months up to the first year of life. This hair gradually decreases until it is replaced by the true hair. However, "long-haired" children can look really funny ... it almost seems as if they came into the world wearing a wig!

In this list we have collected some of the cutest photos of extremely hairy babies on the internet:

1. "Good morning!"

2. So much hair ... it looks as if she was born with a wig!


3. He also sports a pretty good hairpiece!

4. "I am very proud of my 2 month old son's hair, considering I am bald!"

5. "This is my daughter's hair ... she's 12 weeks old!"


6. Here is a 3 month old baby with very thick hair!

7. Just born and she already has all that hair!


8. This hair continues to grow strongly too!

9. But isn't all that hair heavy?


10. "A colleague of mine had her first baby this year ... and no, that's not a wig."

11. A sea of hair!

12. "My daughter was born yesterday ... she has her mother's hair!"

13. So small and she already has all this hair!

image: Imgur

14. "They say that the more heartburn you have during pregnancy, the more likely your baby is to have a lot of hair. This is my daughter - it's a miracle my wife didn't die of heartburn while she was pregnant!"

15. "My little bundle has a lot of hair!"


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