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13 funny photos of unmanageable children…
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13 funny photos of unmanageable children who gave their parents a hard time

August 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

As you know, children are often unmanageable: most of them have the natural need to let off steam running and jumping from one part of the house to the other, devising "evil" plans to spite their parents and making the adults' lives almost impossible. Not that they do all this with malice, but even without bad intention they still manage to get into an indescribable amount of trouble. Sometimes they manage to create situations so absurd that not even after documenting everything with photos are we able to believe it! Look at this list of photos if you want to get an idea of what it means, in part, to be a parent... and have a laugh!

1. "Look how my son got caught between the table legs. When he tried to get out it was even worse"

2. But how did you get there?


3. "That green thing on the shelf looks like a giant biscuit ..."

4. "Here is the ingenious method in which my 7 year old son decided to keep the only key which would open that lock safe ..."

5. "She is crying desperately because we wouldn't let her eat a battery ..."


6. "She's crying because I won't buy the doll movie for Christmas ..." (too bad it's Chucky the "killer doll")

7. "Today this little guy understood that the only way to escape the lockdown is by shopping ... look at his face"


8. "He was trying to lure the cat to its bowl ... brilliant wasn't he?"

9. "Hi mom, look how good we are ..."


10. This photo was taken just a few seconds before disaster struck ...

11. "Stop!!!"

12. "But does a scene like this seem normal every time we go shopping ?!"

13. "My favorite book ... nooo!"


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