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Woman goes for a run, leaving her infant…
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Woman goes for a run, leaving her infant child at home alone. Her reasoning: he was asleep

By Cylia Queen

When you become a parent, you automatically give up your free time and independence. You can no longer go out when you want, invest as much time in your hobbies, or even see your friends as much as you used to. In other words, with a a baby comes many sacrifices. Overtime, these sacrifices will get easier and easier, especially when you think about how rewarding raising a child can actually be. 

This doesn't mean that we'll never long for the good ol' days. Taking care of a child, after all, is a lot of work, and we're liable to get tired and miss doing the things we love. This is why it's important to find a balance between the two. One woman, however, may have taken this idea a little too far. When her infant son fell asleep, she decided to go for a run, leaving him at home alone.  

She would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for her husband returning home from work minutes before she got back from her run. To her husand, her actions were immature, which could have caused their son his life if anything had gone wrong in the time he was by himself. 

The woman wasn't about to let her husband reprimend her for her behavior, though. She claimed she was only gone for 10 minutes and never even left the neighborhood. In her eyes, it was no different from her leaving him inside the house while she went outside and hung the laundry out to dry. The husband, however, wasn't interested in her excuses; what she did was irresponsible and put their son's life in unneccessary danger. 

He did, however, to get a second opinion on the matter. He posted his wife's story on social media, asking what users thought of the situation. Surprisingly, many people backed his wife up, saying they didn't see anything wrong with her behavior. Others, however, we on the husband's side. Eventually, the woman caved and admitted that she was wrong. She assured her husband that it was merely an isolated case, and that it would never happen again. 

What do you think? Did her husband have the right to call her irresponsible? Could he have handled the situation in a better way? 


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