This couple live in a floating house they built with their own hands almost 30 years ago -
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This couple live in a floating house…
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This couple live in a floating house they built with their own hands almost 30 years ago

By Alison Forde

For many people their dream home remains an unrealized project. Usually the biggest obstacle is the financial one. However, if it is not possible to buy something that is already there, the alternative is to create something that does not yet exist.

A Canadian couple literally created the object of their desires, building a home with their own hands. Looking at it it would seem to come from the set of the film Waterworld, with Kevin Kostner, but it is very real.

via: CNN

His name is Wayne Adams, artist and carver, she is Catherin King, dancer and homeopath. About 29 years ago, the two were living in an apartment in the Tofino district on Vancouver Island. They wanted a house of their own, but they didn't have the financial means to buy it.

So they began to collect recycled materials and build a floating platform that would support a housing unit.


Little by little the structure got bigger and bigger, until it could accomodate a dance floor, a waste management tank and an art workshop.

Catherine and Wayne are practically self-sufficient thanks to four greenhouses where they grow their food and the sea that provides them with the fish they need. They also have solar panels for electricity and a small candle workshop.

Their nest is simple but lacks nothing and is currently worth around £1 million. The couple live happy and free off the Canadian coast, leading a life that most people only read of in novels. Their story is a demonstration of what is possible when you really want something.


The secret is to have a little courage and a pinch of madness to follow your passions. Too many people give up out of laziness or fear. The challenge and the risk may seem great, but they will never be as great as the reward at the end of the journey.


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