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A man makes a rude comment about a girl…
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A man makes a rude comment about a girl with cancer: her father responds by giving him a life lesson

September 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In life episodes happen that are apparently small and insignificant, about which, with good reason, we often decide to let things go. We are talking about all those situations in which someone does us a wrong and, at first, we would like to react  in a harsh way, even if we then realize that it would not help much. Indeed, it is precisely in those cases that well aimed phrase a can be more effective than any quarrel.

The American father we are about to tell you about knows something about this. Together with his wife, Brent raises and takes care with all the love in the world of Emma, a 6 year old girl who has been diagnosed with brain cancer which unfortunately does not allow her to walk, except with the help of someone or a walker. So, when a stranger indulged in an unfortunate comment about the child, Brent taught him a lesson he is unlikely to forget.

via: CBS Boston

For Brent and his wife, life since little Emma was born has not been easy. The child needs constant care, attention and patience, given her particularly sad condition. The love that the two parents have to give her, however, goes far beyond any duty, and could not be greater. For this reason, being criticized by a complete stranger, for Brent, was a real affront, difficult to tolerate.

When the little girl was in his arms as he left a restaurant, a man not far away, witnessing the scene, exclaimed rudely "What the hell! Make her walk, that's what's wrong with today's children", alluding to the fact that the child was so "spoiled" that she had to be carried by hand even if she was big enough to walk.

At that point Brent, as he told in a post on Facebook which went viral, stopped for a second to reflect on what to do, and decided that, instead of arguing with the man, he would give him a more intelligent "lesson". "My daughter has given me strength and hope ever since she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She can't walk but I'm happy to carry her just to thank her for all the amazing things she's taught me over the years. So don't talk about her in any way, except with respect."


Instead of yelling at him, Brent uttered a few but very effective words that left the stranger almost speechless. At that point, the two sat down for a moment to clear things up, and eventually ended their meeting with tears in their eyes. The originator of the comment, for sure, began to look at the world with different eyes, while Brent was more than pleased to have explained her condition, reflecting on the good fortune of having a special daughter like Emma.

It is almost superfluous to deduce from this story that, in life, it is always good not to jump to hasty conclusions if you do not first know the people, their past and their stories. After all, judging is easy and immediate, while understanding and reasoning are much more complicated processes. However, we are all capable of being more understanding, and it is good to always keep this in mind, just as the man who lmade the remark to Brent will do.


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