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A mother bursts into tears when only…
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A mother bursts into tears when only one guest shows up at a party for her child with Down syndrome

By Alison Forde

A small child's birthday is not only a happy moment for children, who have the opportunity to spend hours of pure fun dedicated to them, but it is also and above all for parents, proud to be able to give an unforgettable experience to their little ones.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes the world teaches us that people's insensitivity and wickedness have no limits, so much so that a pleasant situation can become a reason for sadness and pain, especially for those who are cruelly excluded by people who consider themselves "normal" or "friends". This was precisely the case for little Jude, a child with Down syndrome: his birthday party was certainly not what he expected.

Only one guest: imagine the sadness that can be generated in the heart of a 5-year-old child when, happy for having organized his birthday, one person out of the dozens of those expected comes to the party. The disappointment, of course, was also Jude's mother's, who wanted to share with everyone the bad experience they had.

In a posted on Tik Tok she told, unable to hold back the tears, of the sadness and devastation in seeing that only one guest showed up for her son's birthday. "At the moment he doesn't realize what's happened, but what will happen when he realizes he's being sidelined on purpose?" Mom asked herself, and we can only share her distress.

"It was the worst day - she continued - they broke my heart." A deeply moving message which, fortunately, has received many reactions of support from internet viewers, rousing real awareness on the issue of inclusion and the need to give everyone the same opportunities. 


Little Jude, moreover, is not to blame for his health condition, a diversity that can and must be a source of enrichment for everyone, even as children.


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