There was something wrong with their fetus, but they refused to have an abortion: 2 years later they are happier than ever -
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There was something wrong with their…
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There was something wrong with their fetus, but they refused to have an abortion: 2 years later they are happier than ever

By Alison Forde

Having a child for the first time is one of the greatest emotions a mom and dad will ever experience; no matter what happens, for them a child is and always will be a blessing with no ifs and buts. This is one thing that would be confirmed by Sara Heller, who at 24 weeks pregnant had news that neither she nor her partner Chris would have ever expected. But despite the unpredictability of life, they refused to have an abortion.

via: Today

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, Sara was informed by the medical team that the anticipated baby Brody had a cleft lip and an acute form of cleft palate, a hole in the lip that is very small in some babies, which, however in Brody's case was from lip and up to the nose; an extremely rare medical condition that only affected 9 people worldwide in its most acute form.

Chris and Sara had been asked if they wanted to have an abortion, but the two parents were firmly determined to see the pregnancy through and give birth to their child, whatever the cost.

Although children with cleft palate undergo early surgery to learn how to eat and talk, Sara and Chris decided to raise Brody just like any other child, learning to ignore the nasty things other people might have said about the little one's appearance.

Sara said: "I decided to educate rather than create confrontation because that's what I want Brody to do in the future. I want him to teach, to be an advocate for younger children with cleft palates who don't have a voice of their own yet."


After dozens of surgeries to correct Brody's cleft palate, now at the age of 2, Sara and Chris's little son has definitely improved, also in appearance. The hole between the upper lip and the nose is gone, and thanks to the help of all the doctors, Brody is slowly learning to speak correctly, eat, smile and breathe better.

A fairy tale with a happy ending for Brody's family, a child who is "different" from others, but at the same time exactly the same as everyone else!


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