They celebrate their girl's first birthday with photos: a woman attacks them and destroys the set -
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They celebrate their girl's first birthday…
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They celebrate their girl's first birthday with photos: a woman attacks them and destroys the set

By Alison Forde

For their little daughter Anja's first birthday, parents Isaiah and Kelyn Allen wanted to do something special and memorable, having a day that would be nice to remember in the future. As with all parents, a child's first birthday is a beautiful moment that deserves to be celebrated in the right way.

The couple decided to dedicate a photo shoot to their daughter, complete with props, balloons and cake, to be set in a beautiful area of their city, Houston. Mother and father did not know, however, that a heartless woman with decidedly  little delicacy would make the party memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

Francy Neely is a "socialite", that is a woman belonging to high society, rich and dedicated to worldly life, who lives in the neighborhood where Isaiah and Kelyn had decided to celebrate with their baby. When she found herself passing by, she evidently did not accept what they were doing and, furiously, got out of her car, holding her pet dog, yelling at the young parents and destroying everything they had brought for the party and for the photo shoot.

That's right: contemptuous of the happy and peaceful moment that the family wanted to have, without bothering anyone, this woman damaged the cake, removed the balloons and ruined the sidewalk that was to serve as a "catwalk" for the photos which were to be taken of little Anja . It is useless to describe the shock of these two parents at such anger: the pair filmed the entire scene, and this made the rich lady even more furious, who then tried to snatch the phone from Isaiah's hands.


According to what has emerged, it would not be the first time that Franci Neely has displayed such behavior. According to the couple, the woman's behavior was also aggravated by a racist sentiment towards them, and for this they denounced her.

The occurance attracted a lot of attention, and local residents argued that a party like the one the Alines were having would have disturbed the peace.

The family, however, were on public ground, and certainly a reaction like that of wealthy Mrs. Neely was beyond all sense and decency. Yet another episode that testifies how unfortunately tolerance is an increasingly forgotten and neglected value.


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