She remained with her horse stuck in the mud for more than three hours: mistress and animal are saved by a miracle -
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She remained with her horse stuck in…
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She remained with her horse stuck in the mud for more than three hours: mistress and animal are saved by a miracle

September 19, 2020 • By Alison Forde

It's not just pet dogs and cats, many people have a passion for horses. Of course, these splendid equines are absolutely not pets, but there are many people who own more than one in a riding stable, taking care of them and showing them off to the public in races and competitions. Nicole Graham has always been so attached to her horses that she couldn't help but save the life of one of them.

It all happened in Melbourne, Australia, when Nicole was taking her 17-year-old horse Astro for his usual walk near the stables; Suddenly, however, the horse got stuck in a sea of mud and could not get out. For fear that he might get stuck there and wouldn't make it out alive, Nicole didn't think twice: she got into the mud and tried with all her might to save Astro.

Things were also complicated by the heavy weight of the 17-year-old horse: Astro in fact weighed 400 kilograms, so Nicole, helped by her daughter Paris, called for help. After they arrived at the scene, it took them more than three hours to get the horse out of the sea of mud.

"It was terrifying. It was heartbreaking to see my horse exhausted and in distress [...] I have been coming here to ride for 20 years and never had a problem. I never realized that this area was so swampy."


After three hours of hard work, Astro was rescued from the mud, so dense that it almost looked like he was sinking into dangerous quicksand. Thanks to the rescuers and the cool headedness of Nicole and her daughter Paris, this imposing 17-year-old horse is now safe from all danger.

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