"Mom, I want it!": A child's desperate cry to his mother because he would like to adopt a kitten he found in the street - WTVideo.com
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"Mom, I want it!": A child's desperate…
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"Mom, I want it!": A child's desperate cry to his mother because he would like to adopt a kitten he found in the street

April 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The emotional bond that is established between a child and a four-legged friend can be unique, moving and extraordinary; it is no coincidence that we say pets are great company for kids who are only children or who are often alone at home because mum and dad are out to work, the ideal solution would seem to be to adopt a dog or even a kitten. Imagine being a child again, coming across a stray kitten on the street, falling in love with it and wanting to adopt it at all costs, like the little kid in this tender story that has moved and excited the entire internet ...

The images of this child have been around the web since they were posted on YouTube. The Peruvian child is called Andrés, and he was immortalized when he begged his mother to let him bring a sweet stray kitten home; but judging from the images, it seems that his mother really doesn't want to know: "Leave him alone Andrés, that cat is a stray, he lives on the street!"

However, Andrés's reaction to his mother's words are not comforting, so much so that in return he goes on to hug the stray kitten even closer and cries in despair, begging his mother to let him adopt the kitten: "Poor thing, I want to take him home! I love him! "


Judging from the images of the little boy who lives in Peru and whose video has gone viral, these confirm how desperately the little boy was looking for company at home, or how much he wanter to adopt a four-legged friend; it didn't matter that the cat he met on the street was stray, he would take care of it, wash it, give it food, cuddle it and why not, maybe even take it to the vet. But apparently, Mom was of another opinion ...

We don't know the reasons that led the woman to dissuade little Andrés from taking the street kitten home, or if in the end the mother succumbed to the her son's desperate pleading, but all we can add when faced with these images are these words: We are all with you, little Andres!

Who at least once in their life hasn't felt a bit like this Peruvian boy?


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