She doesn't have the money to buy car seats for her children: a policeman decides to give them to her instead of fining her -
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She doesn't have the money to buy car…
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She doesn't have the money to buy car seats for her children: a policeman decides to give them to her instead of fining her

March 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Our children's safety should certainly come first. However, it may happen that you are not in the most favorable of economic situations to be able to make up for certain shortcomings, despite the will to do so. Andrella Jackson, a mother of three, hadn't been able to buy car safety seats because she had a lot of other urgent expenses to deal with, such as her children's winter clothes. Unfortunately, before buying the car seats, Andrella had to think about food, clothes, car insurance and all the other necessities of life. When Milwaukee police officer Zimmermann stopped her, she feared she might get in trouble because of the lack of car seats, but luckily she found herself faced with an understanding man.


After pulling the woman's car over, Kevin Zimmermann noticed that there were three children inside the vehicle, two of them very young. However, no child seat was present in the car. Zimmermann knows well how necessary it is for the safety of the little ones to have a suitable car seat, properly anchored in the back, in which to place them. Andrella, however, admitted that she had been unable to deal with the cost of the seats at that moment in her life, as she explained to the officer. Zimmermann, instead of writing it up and fining the woman, was very understanding and gave some practical assistance: he took the woman's contact details and, subsequently, gave her the required seats.

He too has three young children and has identified with her closely in her role as a parent, imagining that Andrella and her children might be involved in a dangerous accident, therefore, the safety of the little ones was concerned. "I got these for your children" Agent Zimmermann told her, "so at least you don't have to worry about this aspect of your life anymore." A real relief for Andrella, who she couldn't stop thanking him for a single moment. Even the children were delighted and continued to say "thank you" to the man in uniform who had given them that thoughful gift.


Now Andrella can dedicate herself with more serenity to other aspects of her life and her children's lives, giving priority to their essential well-being.

Congratulations to this cop with a heart of gold!


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