Cat saves his mistress from a stroke:…
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Cat saves his mistress from a stroke: "He woke me up so I could call for help"

September 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We often hear that dogs are a man's best friend, and who would do anything for their owners - unlike cats. And it is true that cats are hardly the epitome of sharing, closeness and unconditional affection. They are usually very independent, stubborn and even a little selfish. But sometimes, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a cat can turn out to be more affectionate than one might think.

This story happened to Mrs. Sam Felstead, a 42-year-old woman who had her life saved thanks to her cat. Here is her story:

On day like any other, Sam Felstead had been in bed for a while and was sleeping soundly when she was suddenly awakened by her cat, Billy. The cat, according to the woman's account, jumped on her chest and started meowing in her ear while she was asleep. If you are thinking that the cat was hungry or just being naughty, you are very wrong. The cat had sensed that something was wrong and ran to wake her mistress up.

"I woke up suddenly and realized that the right side of my body was completely numb and I was having some sort of attack or stroke," said Sam. "Billy started meowing loudly around 4:30am in the morning and jumped on my chest. He did everything he could to wake me up and make me aware of what was happening. He literally saved my life".

Immediately on waking, the woman called her mother on the phone and was rushed to the hospital where doctors treated her. "When I went to bed I was fine," she continued. "Then, when I heard Billy, I woke up dripping sweat and in pain. But I was able get help and save myself only thanks to my cat - of this, I am sure".

This amazing rescue made Billy a little hero on the internet. Too often, we underestimate these felines and we allow ourselves to be influenced by their reputations. But cats can be great friends to us and are able to understand when they need to alert us. Billy did, and saved a life.

Bravo Billy!

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