15 couples who know perfectly that living…
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15 couples who know perfectly that living under one roof is a hopeless battle

October 14, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Living under the same roof with another person can be one of the best adventures of our life; whether it is our partner, a cohabitant or our spouse, life as a couple requires a lot of love, a lot of affection, mutual respect and ... a lot of patience. Yes, because living in the same house with your partner can become a real test of resistance to unpredictability and the understanding of the other half. These couples know very well what a constant struggle it is to live under one roof!

Nights are never peaceful when you have him next to you ..

Don't worry, even if the sofa is designed for two, it will always be occupied by only one person!


Spot the difference!

When the spirit of Donald Trump haunts the house ...

And do we have to talk about the bathroom? It's a disaster!


When your sweetheart wants privacy to binge watch their favorite series ...

Not to mention the chaos in the kitchen!


Who dropped the milk on the wooden floor?

When you don't have one fool at home, but two on the same sofa!


I let my boyfriend choose the shower curtain - never again!

I left my partner with the cat: here's how I found him ...

I told my partner to cook something tasty for dinner: I never expected to find this on the table ...

I warned him not to let the dog sleep on the bed ....

"Aloe you Vera Much" : my girlfriend's morning pun!

When I discovered I could leave messages on my girlfriend's bed clothes!

image: Imgur

 So it's really true that when you live under one roof for love ... you have to be prepared for everything!

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