Man throws his garbage into a field…
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Man throws his garbage into a field of olive trees, but forgets his paycheck in the bags: he's tracked down and fined

April 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is said that good deeds are always rewarded, but according to this popular saying the opposite is also valid: karma will take care of it - karma will punish those who insist on committing bad deeds. We hope that the subject of this tragicomic story has learned his lesson, after being fined for throwing his garbage into a field planted with olive trees. Unfortunately, the habit of throwing garbage onto the side of the road, often far from the offender’s home, and in secluded places, seems to be a growing, "fashionable" phenomenon and is very harmful for our planet. In a historical moment in which the Earth is asking us for our help, it is really stupid to continue to deliberately pollute it through selfish acts like this.

Fortunately, karma struck back in this case.

There are still people who, in 2022, persist in throwing their garbage into the street, without any remorse or guilt. Why some people continue to pollute their land, their own environment, still remains a mystery to be solved. Police officers have, however, revealed another mystery: the identity of a man who, without a second thought, threw bags of waste into a field of ancient olive trees. Apparently, the man betrayed himself, since among the garbage bags thrown to the field, there was also a paper version of his paycheck and other tax documents containing sensitive data. The police simply had to read the personal data and look up his address to track him down. It must have been a cold shower for him to find himself with a €600 euros ($650 dollar) fine for "only" having thrown away some trash. Of course, we hope that the fine was big enough to make him desist from continuing with this obnoxious habit.

The local police commented on the case with these words: "Thanks to this important document (the pay slip), the offending man, pursuant to and in line with the Environmental Code, will be subjected to a fine of €600 euros in addition to the restoration of the state of the defaced place. The administrative sanctions, it is hoped, will remain etched in the memory of the transgressor who decided to abandon his waste in the shade of the ancient trees of our territory ".

What can we say? Let's hope that this offender has learned his lesson, especially given that our planet's health is at stake.

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