Animals with "Buns in the oven"! Here…
The volunteers shear an abandoned cat in front of an animal shelter removing 10 lb (4.5 kg) of fur. These photos testify to the deep love that dogs have for food!

Animals with "Buns in the oven"! Here are some of the cutest baby bumps in the animal kingdom

September 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Expecting a baby or babies (!) is one of the happiest moments you can experience throughout your life.

The joy of becoming a parent is unparalleled, just take a look at glowing expectant mothers! But is it the same for animals, too?

Here is a very entertaining, yet, moving photo gallery of pregnant animals. You will see from the looks on their faces, how the feelings they experience are very similar to those of us humans!

1. This dog is very radiant!

2. This mama panda seems to be quite tired due to her pregnancy!


3. A pear-shaped goat ...

4. An elk with a baby bump crosses an expanse of snow,

image: pixabay.com

5. This little pony is about to have a brother or sister!


6. A lazy (and tired) mother cat

7. This mom does not seem to be very happy about the imminent labor!


8. A prenatal course for seahorses!

9. A look that is worth a thousand words ...

image: pixabay.com

10. This mama orangutang is already exhausted

 11. Have you ever seen a pregnant gecko?

13. This zebra foal will be huge!

13. It's not Godzilla, it's just a pregnant iguana ...

14. This little pig is getting ready for the big day ...

15. The mother of a future "Bambi"

16. Have you eaten too much or are you expecting a lot of little ones?

17. This pregnant hedge's baby bump is so big she cannot get off her back!...

18. Gentle caresses on her baby bump!

 19. A mother parrot sitting on her eggs to incubate them so that they can hatch

20. In conclusion? A pregnant queen ant!

These are some really fantastic images that once again testify to the wonders of nature. Which of these animals with their "baby bump" did you like the most?

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