Smartphone batteries are very powerful and here are six things NOT to do to avoid unpleasant consequences

Shirley Marie Bradby

September 09, 2018

Smartphone batteries are very powerful and here are six things NOT to do to avoid unpleasant consequences

Over the last few decades, smartphones have gradually become our most loyal and irreplaceable life companions, that not only help us in our daily tasks but also even replace moments of socializing. 

Often, however, we forget that they are very powerful devices, which need a great deal of energy to perform their complex functions.

Where does this energy come from? Obviously from an equally powerful battery, and it is precisely on this feature that we want to concentrate!

In fact, here are six things you must not do if you do not want that battery to become a danger to you and to others.


  • 1. Do sports activities with your smartphone in your pocket. Running or cycling with your smartphone can be dangerous so this should be avoided. Not only will the smartphone tend to overheat, but in the event of a fall, it may get smashed and explode. 
  • 2. Change the battery in unauthorized reseller stores. Everyone has been saying this for a long time, but there are those who still insist on doing so, with consequences that we all know very well. A smartphone battery is a very delicate component, and to change it, you will have to spend some money! 
  • 3. Use a non-original charger. We know that the temptation is strong. Instead of spending a lot of money in an original store, hundreds of imitations can be found at a ridiculously low price. But not only do they damage the battery, but they also put you at serious risk of starting a fire.

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  • 4. Throw your smartphone against a hard surface. Having our smartphone always at hand, it can happen that we unload our anger on it. This is also what happened to a passenger at the Istanbul Ataturk airport, who in the middle of a furious argument, threw his smartphone to the ground which caused it to explode producing a lot of panic, embarrassment, and various other problems. 
  • 5. Talk on your smartphone while it is charging. Although smartphone technology is advancing day by day, smartphone users have frequently experienced various problems or real explosions while talking on their smartphone while it is attached to a charging cable. If in doubt or if you really cannot help it, then use a headset! 
  • 6. Ignore the signals that our smartphone sends to us. A battery that discharges quickly may indicate a malfunction. The solution is not to charge it more frequently - or worse, for the whole night - but go to a service center!

The PowerBank, which was launched by a passenger who had a safe discussion at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, exploded. Short-term panic occurred after the incident. 

- dokuz8HABER (
dokuz8haber) 6 Ιουλίου 2017 

Finally, even if it has nothing to do with the smartphone battery, we want to remind you to systematically clean your smartphone with an antibacterial wipe. You cannot even imagine how many germs can accumulate on your beloved smartphone!