Firefighters recommend to never charge your phone on top of your bedspread or bedsheets

Shirley Marie Bradby

April 18, 2019

Firefighters recommend to never charge your phone on top of your bedspread or bedsheets

Smartphones are now inseparable companions for most people. These devices are certainly useful and so much so, that today many people are practically no longer able to do without them.

Although they are so common and widespread that they are also used by children, they can still hide pitfalls, that are able to even endanger one's life.

One of them is their ability to generate heat while they are charging, that can even cause a fire.

via Newton Fire Department/Facebook



In this regard, the fire brigade at the Newton Fire Department in New Hampshire issued an appeal on social media networks to inform people about the risks involved when using electronic devices.

When a smartphone phone is connected to a power supply, its temperature can rise significantly enough to start a fire. To be exact, the most dangerous place where the smartphone can be charged is also perhaps the most common one, namely the bed. 

Bed-clothes such as sheets and blankets are designed to retain heat, so a smartphone left on sheets or under a pillow will quickly heat up and reach alarming levels.

The most disturbing aspect of the matter is that the individuals most exposed to danger are young people, who tend to go to sleep with their smartphone beside them while it is connected to the battery charger.

Therefore, in order to make their message more persuasive, the fire brigade has posted photos of burn marks created by smartphones or power sources.

Newton Fire Department/Facebook

As a reminder, the firefighters have also provided some rules to follow to reduce the risk of fire: 

  • Never charge your smartphone overnight. Often a smartphone user connects the smartphone to a power supply before sleeping, then detaches it when they wake up. This can prove fatal as the device charges in much less time and if left attached to an electrical socket for 7-8 hours it can easily overheat. Also due to being asleep, users may become aware of the danger too late when perhaps the flames have already flared up.
  • Always choose a brand name battery charger. The most frequent reasons for accidents are the poor quality of the accessories or perhaps their state of wear. Better to buy a more expensive charger or replace it when it is old and worn out. 
  • Place the smartphone on a flat surface. When you start charging your smartphone, you should avoid uneven or tilted surfaces that can make it fall, causing a short circuit. Also, avoid covering a smartphone with soft objects, that prevent the accumulated heat from dispersing.  

Following and making sure other smartphone users follow these simple rules can save one's life and that of one's loved ones.