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5 common charging errors that damage…
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5 common charging errors that damage a smartphone battery

February 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Although technology is making great strides and our smartphones try to be more and more evolved to withstand the treatment of even the laziest and clumsy users, there are some measures that can improve and prolong their life.

The smartphone battery, for example, is a fundamental accessory that is greatly affected by the owner's habits!

To allow you to get the most out of your smartphone battery, and for as long as possible, we have collected 5 very common mistakes that are often made in the charging process.

We hope these tips will help you so that you can avoid unnecessarily wasting your money.

1- Avoid using the phone until the battery is completely drained. Unless it is strictly necessary, do not continue using the smartphone until the battery runs out. In this way, the battery will last longer. 

2- Avoid charging your smartphone at 100% all at once. The best thing, when possible, would be to carry out several loading cycles during the day, to avoid recharging up to 100% all at one time. Recharging it overnight is a bad habit!

3- Avoid temperatures that are too high or too low. A temperature below 32°F (0°C) is harmful to the battery, particularly during the charging phase. It also becomes dangerous if you do not use the original components.


4- Remove the smartphone cover the recharging phase. In the hot summer months, the plastic case can cause a dramatic increase in temperature. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use the smartphone while it is charging. 

5- Do not leave a completely empty smartphone in a drawer. In fact, if the phone remains uncharged for months, it may never recharge. If you plan not to use a smartphone but you may need it in the future, recharge it every 4-5 months at 50%.


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