Never throw away lemon peels! Here are…
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Never throw away lemon peels! Here are 20 ways they can come in handy!

June 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In art and history, citrus fruits have always been a positive symbol. In fact, lemons represent wealth, prosperity, and good health, but the benefits from lemons are not just in the abstract.

Citrus fruits are in reality extremely rich in nutrients, healthy properties, and beneficial effects.

Citrus fruit peels are the part that is usually not utilized, but it is also one of the most valuable parts. Here are 20 different and very beneficial uses!


1. Detergent. Vinegar is a very effective ingredient in housecleaning, but some people do not like its odor. By putting lemon zest or another citrus fruit peel into an infusion you will get a sanitizing, antibacterial, and fragrant detergent!

2. Deodorant. Does your trash can emanate unpleasant odors? Throw in some citrus peels to maintain a pleasing smell.

3. Polish. Apply some salt and use the lemon peel to scrub and polish chrome faucets and knobs.

4. Microwave oven cleaner. Heat a container half filled with water and lemon peels for five minutes at maximum power. Let the condensation form on the walls, then remove the grime with a cloth or sponge.

5. Remove tea stains from ceramic cups. Put some lemon peels in a tea-stained ceramic cup, add hot water, and leave for a few hours to eliminate the stains.

6. Ant deterrent. Put a few pieces of citrus peel on the threshold of doors, windows, window sills and wherever the ants can enter. Lemon peel is also a deterrent to flies.

7. Deterrent for cats. Rub orange peels on your houseplants, to prevent cats from using the plants as a cat litter box.

8. Deodorizer for the environment. In a pot of water put the peels of several lemons, cloves, and cinnamon. Bring to a boil and let the delicious aroma spread throughout your house!

9. Potpourri. Dry lemon or orange peels with fragrant flowers and spices to create homemade potpourri.

In the kitchen

1. Aroma. The grated lemon peel is ideal to give a note of freshness to dishes: ideal with desserts! 

2. Condiment. With lemon peels, you can prepare an excellent seasoning based on pepper, salt, and lemon. Just mix the three ingredients, let them dry and use it to season food. 

3. Candied citrus fruit peels. Making candied citrus fruit peels is really quite simple. You just need sugar, water, and citrus fruit peels, of course, to prepare delicious treats! 

4. Lemon oil. Add a couple of tablespoons of lemon peels to a jar of extra virgin olive oil and leave it to stand for two weeks. 

5. Lemon liqueur. Brewing lemon peels in alcohol (grappa or vodka) along with a lemon syrup made from sugar, water, and lemon juice is a way to prepare a homemade lemon liqueur. 

6. Infusion. Put some lemon peel in your tea to give it a bit of citrus flavor.


Health and beauty

1. Vitamin C concentrate. You can grind various types of citrus peels to create a concentrate of vitamin C, even better than those on the market. 

2. Makes skin more luminous. Lemon peels contain substances that can improve the luminosity of the skin. 

3. To whiten nails. Rub the inside of lemon peels on your nails to whiten them.

image: pixabay.com
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