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Lifeguards "confiscate" the smartphones of all the parents on the beach, to make sure they watch their children!

Surely, walking along the shore at the beach, you will have happened to witness the sad scene of a child playing on the sand, maybe all alone, while their mother is absorbed with her smartphone. In fact,…

Firefighters recommend to never charge your phone on top of your bedspread or bedsheets

Smartphones are now inseparable companions for most people. These devices are certainly useful and so much so, that today many people are practically no longer able to do without them. Although they are…

At 12 years old, his mother gave him a smartphone, but first she "obligated" him to sign a 17-point contract!

For parents, giving their child a smartphone is, without a doubt, useful but at the same time, it can put their child's health and safety at risk. In fact, through a smartphone, one can access harmful…

For children --- No smartphones before 10 years of age, pediatricians say

Italy certainly did not need another controversial world record, but in any case, at least regarding the use of smartphones, it is in first place in Europe. The most alarming aspect is that the average…

A professor obliges his students to lock up their smartphones and he starts a "trend" among his colleagues.

Teaching methods in schools change quickly, having to take into consideration the rapid changes that take place from generation to generation. In fact, today's children are born in the age of smartphones…

Smartphone batteries are very powerful and here are six things NOT to do to avoid unpleasant consequences

Over the last few decades, smartphones have gradually become our most loyal and irreplaceable life companions, that not only help us in our daily tasks but also even replace moments of socializing. …

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