Lifeguards "confiscate" the smartphones of all the parents on the beach, to make sure they watch their children! -
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Lifeguards "confiscate" the smartphones…
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Lifeguards "confiscate" the smartphones of all the parents on the beach, to make sure they watch their children!


Surely, walking along the shore at the beach, you will have happened to witness the sad scene of a child playing on the sand, maybe all alone, while their mother is absorbed with her smartphone.

In fact, this scenario is not so rare because for many of today's parents their smartphone is a real obstacle between them and their children!

This trend, in addition to causing damage to a child's development and impoverishing family relationships, can also become a real safety problem.

As a matter of fact, frequently a child gets into trouble because, due to their parent's absorption in their smartphone, the child is left unattended. A problem that, as you can understand, is very important to those who deal with safety and security issues.

To raise awareness in regards to safety issues, the staff at the Södra Älvsborg Rescue Association (a civil service rescue association) located in western Sweden have launched an initiative accompanied by an amusing video.

In the video, we see a scenario in which the parentswhile they are on the beach with their children, are forced to "hand over" their smartphone.

In fact, in the humorous short film, we can see two agents of the Civil Protection Association patrolling the beach, on which many children are playing unattended.

Consequently, as soon as the agents see a mother absorbed in her smartphone, they approach her and snatch it from her and invite her to pay attention to her children!


In short, beyond the provocation and comedy, the video calls attention to a real need for reflection and concrete action.

For example: How many unpleasant mishaps and accidents could we prevent and how many positive moments could we experience with our children if we stopped constantly looking at our smartphone?

It has become an almost universal problem that goes from one end of the world to the other ... but by simply using a bit of common sense and showing more love for our children, this problem could be eliminated!


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