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A four-year-old girl throws her father's…
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A four-year-old girl throws her father's smartphone into the sea because he would not stop using it during their vacation!

August 19, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Technology improves our lives every day, to the point that some objects have become indispensable. One object, in particular, our smartphone has become omnipresent and without it, we feel lost if not desperate. 

If on the one hand, smartphones seem to increase our ability to relate to others, on the other hand, increasingly these virtual interactions are being denounced because they cannot and should not replace real relationships.

As a matter of fact, this is precisely what this little girl seems to want to remind her father --- in a way that is extreme but very effective.

The little girl in question is called Alisa and she is four years old. But do not be fooled by her tender age, because the little girl knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. 

In this case, it is regarding her father, the Russian rapper Timati, 34 years old, who was talking on his smartphone, and evidently the call went on for some time --- certainly too long, in Alisa's opinion.

The two are on vacation on a yacht near Saint Tropez - and it is clear that the little girl expected to have her dad all --- or almost - all to herself.

Tired of waiting her turn, Alisa calls out to her dad several times, trying to get his attention, but without success. 

Finally, she has a brilliant idea, and also understands that to achieve her purpose she does not have a moment to lose. 

So, taking advantage of a moment when her father puts down his smartphone, the little girl does not hesitate a moment and quickly approaches, with only one goal in mind, to take away her father's smartphone.


She quickly snatches away his smartphone and in a flash, she is facing the sea --- her great ally --- and without a second thought, she throws the smartphone, the hated enemy, into the sea!  

The rapidity and resolution of the child's gesture left her father completely amazed, removing every possible reply the rapper could make.

But perhaps, his stunned silence is also due to his daughter's wisdom! How can he, as her father, scold her, his daughter for wanting to spend time with her dear dad, especially on their vacation? 

Actually, Alisa was not wrong! We hope that her father after recovering from the shock and, having learned his lesson, decided to dedicate the rest of the trip to the young --- but very clever - Alisa.

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Here is the video that went viral on Instagram! Parents beware! Make sure that you avoid the same misfortune happening to you!


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