Believing its owner to be in danger, an adorable Newfoundland dog rescues its owner by dragging her to safety -
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Believing its owner to be in danger,…
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Believing its owner to be in danger, an adorable Newfoundland dog rescues its owner by dragging her to safety

August 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

As the title of a famous film confirms, crime never retires and fortunately, the lifeguards who are responsible for the protection of bathers at sea also do not go on vacation (unless it is needed).

However, in this very touching video, the lifeguard is a huge mass of friendly fur ready to respond to what it was trained for, namely, rescuing people at sea.

When his young owner is hit and submerged by a wave, this sweet Newfoundland dog quickly brings her to safety, even if the danger she was exposed to was minimal.

The little girl was playing with her dog a few feet from the shore, in a place where the water was only a few inches deep.  Although the child's mother was also there to monitor the situation, the large Newfoundland dog did not hesitate to do his duty, which is to rescue people who find themselves in difficulty when they are in the water.

The little girl, who was playing while lying down in the water, was suddenly submerged by a wave and this is precisely the moment when the dog's rescue instincts were triggered! The dog quickly approaches her, and grabs her blouse with his mouth, and gently drags her to the shore. From the calm but determined attitude of the dog, it can be understood that he too had realized that the little girl was not in a real emergency situation, but the dog still preferred to put the little girl in a much safer place. 

The girl's mother filmed everything and published the video on the Internet wanting to show everyone the loving and protective character of these adorable dogs. In fact, Newfoundland dogs are ideal for children because they are playful, sweet, and very responsible - although we must take into account their size which is considerable! 

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