A 10-year-old boy asks neighbors if he can becomes their new puppy's petsitter after the Coronavirus pandemic ends - WTVideo.com
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A 10-year-old boy asks neighbors if…
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A 10-year-old boy asks neighbors if he can becomes their new puppy's petsitter after the Coronavirus pandemic ends

May 27, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Put a 10-year-old kid and a golden retriever puppy together, and you've found a story heartwarming and perfect enough to go viral. That's exactly what happened when the owners posted a photo of a letter their 10-year-old neighbor, Troy, wrote them about their new golden retriever puppy. In the letter, Troy asks his neighbors if he can become their dog's petsitter once things with the Coronavirus pandemic calm down. Clearly, it didn't take long for people to notice there was a new puppy in the neighborhood, and Troy didn't want to take a chance on someone calling dibs on walking the golden retriever (whose name is Arthur) before he did.    

Arthur's owner decided to post the boy's letter on Arthur's Instagram  page, who already has more than 30,000 followers. Needless to say, being adorable and fluffy has its perks, especially on instagram. 

In Arthur's post, he responds directly to Troy, saying "Today I made friends with a small human being. He's more or less the same age as me. I bet I can convince him to give me more "treats" than my actual humans". 


The two have already met up with each other and became best friends very quickly. Given the cirsumstances, they had to obviously practice social distancing. On instagram, Arthur's owners claimed that they didn't want to post any pictures of Troy on Instagram due to his young age. 

With a face like this, who wouldn't want to become best friends with Arthur?


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