According to tradition, choosing the…
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According to tradition, choosing the right godparents for your child is a very important task

May 26, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

When a couple starts making arrangements for their child's baptism, they have to make the tough decision of who will be their child's godparents. According to tradition, it's an honor to be selected as godparents as this means they will be a key figure in the child's life for as long as either of them are alive. In the catholic church, the godparents accompany the child down the alter right before he is about to be baptized. Walking the child down the aisle symbolizes how the godparents will be there for him or her through every step of life; they are like a second pair of "parents". 

via: Holyart

If you and your partner are about to begin your search for the perfect godparents, here are some things to keep in mind: it's better to choose someone you can trust to be there for your child through every phase of his or her life. Your godparent should be looked at as a spiritual guide; someone who your child can look up to and go to for help and guidance when they feel like they can't come to you. That's why it's also important that they are good listeners and offer solid avdice. There will come a day when your kids will no longer want to come to you for advice; give them approachable and caring godparents, and they'll never stear your children wrong. 

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Last but not least, don't choose your godparents because you're afraid someone might get their feelings hurt; choose them for the right reasons.The right reasons are the only ones that count! 


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