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Wearing clothes without ironing them?! This is a new campaign to protect the environment. Goodbye to ironing!

Ironing is one of those really boring and tiring household chores that most of us constantly try to avoid, especially in the summer. Many refuse to iron at all since they are certain they will not achieve…

A customer complains about an autistic waiter but his boss silences the customer brilliantly

In South Carolina, there is a place where everyone has the same right to work. The name of this place is Pizza Inn and it is owned and operated by Amanda Skelton Cartigine, whose employees are mostly…

Equal Respect for All workers

Despite the numerous battles that have been conducted over the decades, we cannot say that the barriers that divide people with disabilities have been totally eliminated. Moreover, we are not talking…

The right words can open minds ... and hearts!

This short film entitled "The Power of Words" was produced by the Purplefeather agency and directed by Seth Gardner. The story is an invitation to reflect on the difference one small gesture can make…

Breastfeeding is not a crime ...

We are in Spain, at a public park, when a husband and wife, criticize and insult a woman only for the fact that she is breastfeeding her baby in the park. To be honest, the mother was behaving discreetly…
Absurd Ethical Women

This Dad had an idea that helps to COLOR the world HAPPY!

It all started at a dinner at a restaurant with his family! Bryan Ware asked the waiter to bring him some crayons and paper to entertain his young children during the evening. Intrigued, he asked what…

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