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She threw away a lottery ticket, but the owner of the bar returned it to her: a woman wins $1 million

Winning the lottery is the dream of many and is, of course, an almost unattainable goal, but winning, losing the ticket and then having it returned to you by an honest trader really seems like a fairy…

A councilor refuses to call his black colleague "doctor" in a business meeting and is fired

A city council in North Carolina fired city planning councilor Tony Collins, a white-skinned man, who refused to use the title "doctor" whenever he had to address one of the black women at the meeting…

He finds a lost wallet and adds some money to it before returning it to its rightful owner

Nowadays it's increasingly difficult to be able to trust others, especially when it comes to money: you always imagine the worst and think that you can be deceived at any time. Let alone if you lose money…

He receives a text message saying "Your daughter is dating a black guy" and decides to answer in kind

Do you think racism is a distant memory in 2021? Unfortunately, this is not the case and even though slavery in the USA was abolished on December 18, 1865, African Americans, and people of color in general,…

"When I am old, I want to go to live in a retirement home": a reflection that ignites debate

The care of the elderly, especially those who constantly need attention because they are no longer self-sufficient, has always been a much debated topic and one that opens up discussions on several fronts.…

Mom arrives in class during math to teach her son a lesson on respect

Parenting is not easy and also involves making drastic choices that are not always appreciated by children. This is exactly what Becky Crandley, a 30-year-old woman and mother of a 12-year-old son, did.…

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