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A customer complains about an autistic…
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A customer complains about an autistic waiter but his boss silences the customer brilliantly


In South Carolina, there is a place where everyone has the same right to work.

The name of this place is Pizza Inn and it is owned and operated by Amanda Skelton Cartigine, whose employees are mostly young people with disabilities. This is a great and important lesson in humanity that, apparently, was not welcomed by everyone.

In fact, a customer complained about Pizza Inn's service when he asked an autistic boy to fill his salad bowl and the boy was not able to do it.

The unfortunate incident happened at the Pizza Inn located in Greenville, South Carolina in September 2018.

The customer in question complained to the restaurant owner about the bad service he had received after asking a young man, who is autistic, to fill his salad bowl, a task that he was not able to do yet.

The angry man suggested that the woman should put a sign outside the restaurant to "warn" potential customers that all the employees are people with "special needs".

The golden rule for every entrepreneur is that "the customer is always right", and so Amanda has actually put a sign outside the Pizza Inn restaurant, but it was not exactly what the unsatisfied customer intended! Here is what is written: 

"We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we hire ALL God's children!" -- INN Team


About 16 young people with disabilities work in the kitchen at Pizza Inn, while in the dining room another ten work as servers. Everyone tries to carry out their job to the best of their ability within their own conditions and possibilities.

The owner of the pizzeria wants it to be clear to everyone the important work that these young people do there and that she will not allow anyone to destroy all their efforts.

The message of equality launched by Amanda is clear and strong. If this concept does not sit well with customers, then they are free to spend their money wherever they want, because at the Pizza Inn "the customer is NOT always right".


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