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7 occupations from the past that no longer exist today because progress has rendered them obsolete

The world of work has always been in constant evolution and, like other fields, has been hit by technological and scientific progress over the years. A progress that has wreaked havoc on some of the most…

This man left his job as a security guard to learn how to give manicures to overcome his depression

While living in a technologically advanced age, in which we as homo sapiens have up to now demonstrated the maximum expression of our intelligence, we still can encounter old-fashioned prejudices without…

Working with an unpleasant colleague can ruin your sleep

If in the evening, even if you are tired, you still find it difficult to fall asleep and end up spending most of the night awake, unable to sleep, almost certainly the cause is psychological. Clearly,…

Working 4 days a week would seem to be an advantage for health, productivity, and the environment

Those who live in the modern era consider the classic workweek - from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm - absolutely normal. However, many people ignore the fact that this lifestyle was instead…

A study reveals that people over 40 might be more productive if they only worked 3 days a week

Although labor laws can vary greatly depending on the state of residence and the company, the life of the vast majority of people is usually occupied mainly by work, specifically for a number of hours…

A customer complains about an autistic waiter but his boss silences the customer brilliantly

In South Carolina, there is a place where everyone has the same right to work. The name of this place is Pizza Inn and it is owned and operated by Amanda Skelton Cartigine, whose employees are mostly…

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