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He posts an ad online to help her mother find a job: hundreds of proposals arrive within 48 hours

The Internet is a place of great opportunity; many use it to ask for help in the hope of being able to reach as many people as possible. The more people hear what we have to say, the more likely they…

He holds his daughter in his arms during a business meeting: the photo of this caring dad moves the web

In recent years, fathers have been increasingly trying to find spaces to share with their children. The average working day hardly allows you to fully enjoy the joy of being a parent, and in some cases…
Family Jobs

A single mother used to sell bread to pay for her studies: today she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher

"Desire is power" is one of the most over used phrases today. However this motto has becomes a real religion for some people. Amelia Ruiz Villaverde lives in Paraguay, is 26 years old, has an 11-month-old…
Jobs Stories Women

7 occupations from the past that no longer exist today because progress has rendered them obsolete

The world of work has always been in constant evolution and, like other fields, has been hit by technological and scientific progress over the years. A progress that has wreaked havoc on some of the most…

This man left his job as a security guard to learn how to give manicures to overcome his depression

While living in a technologically advanced age, in which we as homo sapiens have up to now demonstrated the maximum expression of our intelligence, we still can encounter old-fashioned prejudices without…

Working with an unpleasant colleague can ruin your sleep

If in the evening, even if you are tired, you still find it difficult to fall asleep and end up spending most of the night awake, unable to sleep, almost certainly the cause is psychological. Clearly,…

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