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After 40 years of age you should only work three days a week --- Science confirms this!

Although labor laws can vary greatly depending on the state of residence and the company, the life of the vast majority of people is usually occupied mainly by work, specifically for a number of hours…

A customer complains about an autistic waiter but his boss silences the customer brilliantly

In South Carolina, there is a place where everyone has the same right to work. The name of this place is Pizza Inn and it is owned and operated by Amanda Skelton Cartigine, whose employees are mostly…

18 "Mission Impossible" situations that were resolved thanks to a bit of mad genius!

It is fascinating to see the way many people, especially men are able to find solutions to problems that are apparently impossible to solve. Sometimes, the solutions undertaken are so crazy and creative…
Funny Genius Jobs

16 people who should seriously think about changing jobs!

Sometimes, understanding, if someone does not like the work they do, is really easy. Of course, there may be days when someone is particularly distracted, maybe even for a very serious reason, but it…
Absurd Funny Jobs

When there is no desire to work! --- 16 workers that NO ONE would want in their company!

Do you remember those days when you have absolutely no desire to do what your supervisor has asked you to do? Those days when you'd prefer to be fired rather than get out of bed?  In cases like these,…

30 clamorous design errors that will make you burst out laughing!

When you are about to design something, be it an architectural component or a product box, the first thing you should think about is functionality. What good is a beautiful object, if it is absolutely…
Fail Funny Jobs

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