"My pregnant colleague fell asleep at work and I didn't wake her up: now everyone thinks I deliberately got her into trouble"

When working in an office, it is always best to maintain good relations with colleagues because it makes the working environment more relaxed and efficient. But to what extent can a colleague support…
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Hotel receptionist manages to remain calm when confronted by a rude customer

Working with the public every day is not at all easy: many customers, in fact, "forget" their manners and can be very rude. This, of course, makes a person's job even harder on a psychological level,…
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Manager orders employees not to discuss their salaries: in response, they publish all their salaries on the company’s bulletin board

Life at work can be tough, especially since each company has its own set of rules, and some of these tend to be oppressive. For example, some company owners believe that employers can fire their employees…
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Woman works for NASA, but is looking for a second, part-time job: "I need to earn more"

At a time when the global economic crisis is raging, some remain convinced that certain jobs or areas of work are safer than others. An example of this? Most would consider NASA employees privileged…
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90% of this man's body is tattooed: "At work I had to hide away to avoid being seen by the visiting bosses"

Many people nowadays love tattoos and have got one or more on their bodies. There are those who choose a small tattoo in memory of a particular event linked to their life or a special person. Then there are…

Young woman opens a bar and on the first day of work, all her friends join her: a surprise show of support

Starting a new business can be very challenging. The first day is almost always an anxious time for many, wondering if customers will show up or if they will like the service offered. Surely, a demonstration…

"I left teaching to work in a bar: now I earn a lot more"

Deciding to teach - to put one's professional life at the disposal of children and young people - is a very noble choice, but also a very complicated one. If transmitting knowledge and helping to educate…
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Man loses his wife after a long illness and has no leave days left to spend with his children: colleagues donate 270 hours of their vacation time

Losing a loved one is one of the greatest pains one can endure. Losing a spouse, especially at time when there are still children to raise, can be devastating and one needs all the emotional strength…

"I asked for a raise and was turned down: when I resigned, the boss offered me double"

Work is a necessary "evil" and none of us can ignore this fact. It is not only a matter of economic survival, but it is also a way for us to feel useful and engaged. Of course, work effort must also receive positive…

Woman sneaks out of work before her shift ends: on a plane, she bumps into her boss

Let's be honest: many of us have gone to work on an ordinary day and not felt 100% dedicated to the job - all we want to do is get out as quickly as possible. Of course, this is not an everyday feeling,…
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Domestic worker shows everyone her luxurious vacations: "I work 12 hours a day and I get up at 5am"

A popular saying goes that "you need to work to live, not live to work", but many people often forget this, devoting most of their lives to work even giving up vacations. Yanina Alfaro, a 44-year-old…
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"I was tired of how my job was going and I quit: they replaced me within 3 hours"

Work is a fundamental part in a person's life and if you manage to do the job you love most, you tend to give body and soul to that activity. However, the commitment and efforts made for the good of the…

"I don't like working and I'm looking for someone to support me: please help me"

Following your dreams and being able to turn them into a profession is what we all want to do. Everyone has ambitions and dreams, but they are not always easy to achieve and you have to work to survive…

Influencer complains about her gruelling workdays because they always end at 5 pm: she is criticized by her followers

Every job - if done properly - deserves respect, but there are certainly some tasks that are more tiring than others. So, when is it right to complain about working conditions? Mikayla Nogueira, a…
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Employee wants to resign to be with her daughter, but the boss intervenes: "bring her to the office and I'll take care of her"

Those who work 8 hours a day for an entire week know how difficult it is to keep every aspect of their life under control. This is particularly so when you have small children to take care of. Often,…

Company refuse to pay retiree $ 130,000 in arrears: he takes down the company's website

Every employee knows how complicated it can sometimes be to maintain good relationships with their bosses. There are cases in which, even if they have been employed for years by the same company, it…

Mother can't find work due to her many tattoos: "I'll never stop getting them"

Deciding to get a tattoo is a very common choice nowadays. There are no age limits to getting tattooed and meeting people who have one or more "tats" is not as strange as it used to be. Yet, there are…

Woman goes to a job interview but misunderstands an employer's question: "it was very embarrassing"

How many of us have found ourselves having to go to a job interview? Those who have lived through this experience know how important it is to present yourself in the best possible way to have a chance…

They pay him € 200 euros a month as a chef: "they called me unreliable because I quit"

Being able to practice the profession of your dreams is not an easy thing, we all know this well. There are people who, after a period of education, are able to enter the workplace immediately and also earn…

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