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"I talked about my salary on TikTok and was immediately fired"

Work is the means that allows us to earn money so that we can face life, enjoy free moments and do what we most want to. Unfortunately, however, work can also be a source of stress and problems that…

Woman is fired after only 2 days of work: she takes her revenge by canceling 211 appointments

We all know how work is very important for each of us. It is the primary means by which we sustain ourselves and also by which we keep active and stay busy day in and day out. For this reason, should…
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Boss appropriates his employee's project: "he presented it as his and didn't even mention me"

A serene, peaceful and non-competitive work environment is usually what it takes for each employee to carry out their tasks in an optimal way. Having a good relationship with colleagues and superiors…

Boss fires his best employee for no good reason: the company then loses money, customers and goes bankrupt

The world of work is constantly evolving and we all know how complicated it can be, at times, to adapt to change and innovations. This is especially true for those who have been employed for some time…
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Garbage man becomes a lawyer: "I never gave up and I made my dream come true"

The world is full of people, all who different from each other in some way. There are those who are tall, short, blond, dark, young, old - and then there are those who are lucky and those who are not.…

As soon as he is hired he asks for information about the salary and the boss responds: "I don't want people who are only interested in money"

Work is the means by which everyone obtains the resources for their livelihood and is enshrined in the foundations of many modern legal systems. In short, the country we live in should recognize and…

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