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He finds a lost wallet and adds some…
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He finds a lost wallet and adds some money to it before returning it to its rightful owner

April 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays it's increasingly difficult to be able to trust others, especially when it comes to money: you always imagine the worst and think that you can be deceived at any time. Let alone if you lose money or valuables on the street - the thought of being able to trace them is really unlikely and you immediately resign yourself to the loss. When you lose a wallet containing your documents, cards and cash, you immediately give up hope because, most likely, it will never be found again. There are cases, however, in which the honesty of certain people overwhelmingly succeeds in restoring a little confidence in the human race. Hunter Shamatt, a young 20-year-old man who works as a carpenter, believed he had lost his wallet forever in Las Vegas, a place of perdition where money never seems to be enough. Even though he failed to win at the casino, Hunter was still very lucky: a stranger gave him a beautiful and unexpected gift!

via: KTRE
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Hunter, a young 20-year-old carpenter from Brandon, South Dakota (USA), traveled to Las Vegas for his sister's wedding. When he goes to Las Vegas, his thoughts immediately turn to gambling and entertainment, and Hunter hoped to indulge in pleasure a little on that trip. Unfortunately, however, he suddenly found himself without a wallet! Inside he kept $60, his credit and debit cards, as well as his identity papers. Undocumented and walking around Las Vegas made him uncomfortable, but he couldn't do otherwise. To survive during those days, Hunter borrowed some money from relatives who were in town for the wedding and that's how he managed to get home too, with a direct flight from the same airline with which he had arrived. Dejected by his financial loss, Hunter returned home with his tail between his legs, but quickly recovered when, a few days later, he received a package from a stranger.

Inside the package was his wallet and a letter written in pen by a stranger. The letter read something like this: "Hi Hunter, I found this wallet on a Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver - row 12, seat F, wedged between the seat and the wall. I thought you might want to have it back. I wish you the best. PS. I rounded up your money to $100, so you can celebrate getting your wallet back. Have fun! "

Not only had Hunter miraculously got his wallet back with all documents and papers intact, but he had also received a welcome gift from an honest and compassionate stranger - an extra $40, as a blessing for good luck! How many of us would have liked not only to find the wallet intact, but also with a few more bills?



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