For their 57th wedding anniversary he…
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For their 57th wedding anniversary he shows up in the hospital to see his wife in a tuxedo and with a bouquet of flowers

May 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

After so many years of marriage and living together, you get to really know your partner; if after 50 years, we are still called "love" or are capable of romantic and kind gestures, then, perhaps, we can say that we have found our soul mate. It's wonderful to witness heartwarming scenes like the one starring James "Jim" Russell and his wife Elinor on their 57th wedding anniversary. The woman had been in the hospital for at least a month, but Jim couldn't let that important day go unnoticed: it had to be special. So, he showed up at the hospital in a tuxedo and with a bouquet of flowers.

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Wedding anniversaries are important milestones that are lovely to celebrate as a couple or with all your loved ones, depending on the years passed - the more the number increases, the bigger the celebrations will be. Jim and his wife Elinor have known each other for a lifetime and, despite everything, he continues to call her "the wife"; the two were not used to throwing big celebrations for their anniversaries, except on rare occasions when they went on a trip to Rome or Hawaii, but their 57th year of marriage together deserved a special celebration. Elinor had been stuck in the hospital for several days and Jim didn't want her to miss anything, not even the flowers and chocolates that are usually given away on these occasions, especially when we are young. Thankfully, their granddaughter, Reid Russell, was there to film the thrilling scene. 

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Regarding their lasting relationship, Jim and Elinor describe it this way: "We have known each other all our lives." Jim then added, "I've known her since she had her braids," referring to his wife when she was young. The two finally got together after Jim served in World War II and have never separated since. The photo of Jim in an evening dress, with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, has gone viral precisely because it symbolizes the true and "eternal" love that many of us aspire to. Jim and Elinor are living proof that a couple can be together and be happily in love even after many years.

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