16 touching photos full of meaning that…
A very poor couple have been forced to live in a manhole for over 22 years: A stepmother goes on a rampage when she finds out that her step-daughter named her unborn child after her biological mother

16 touching photos full of meaning that give us fresh confidence in humanity

April 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have we felt alone and abandoned in this world full of difficulties? Always inundated with bad news and worried about the future, we are so busy that we often forget how important and beautiful life is. True, pitfalls lurk around every corner, but the beauty that surrounds us also resides in the little things and training the eye to visualize them could help us live better. Even if we are not at the center of the world and nothing particularly exciting happens to us, we must never forget how much we can still be moved by the little things. Human beings are capable of great acts of kindness, and when they put it into practice, the magic can affect everyone. We have selected for you some of the most beautiful and meaningful scenes found on the web: are you ready to get moved?

1. "My grandfather's first selfie with his new mobile phone"

Older people and technology don't always get along very well, but when they manage to succeed in their small goals, they are really cute. This grandfather managed to take a very special selfie, in the company of ... a squirrel!

2. "If you're looking for a sign not to kill yourself today, this is it"

Sometimes, even a small gesture is enough to make others understand how important they are in our lives. Even the words of a stranger can have a positive and restorative effect when we are going through particularly difficult times. Not everyone can find the strength in themselves to get up and start over, but often they just need a little push to make it.


3. A child's joy in greeting his favorite basketball player

4. My great grandmother, who will turn 103 on Valentine's Day, laughs with my 2 month old daughter! "

5. "I officially feel like a Disney princess"


6. Whenever he scores a point, this player finds his mum in the stands and gives her the lucky ball. She lost her sight 17 years ago and he pays homage to her!

7. "My father cries tears of joy as he holds his first grandson in his arms"


8. A stranger manages to get a crying baby to sleep in a restaurant

The user who posted this photo told how things went: she and her husband had gone to a restaurant to enjoy a dinner and, of course, they had also brought their little son with them. The latter, however, was not too enthusiastic about the situation and couldn't stop crying. The parents apologized to those present and made the decision to get up and leave; a couple sitting near their table, however, offered to hold the baby, so as to allow the parents to dine in peace. Definitely a gesture that not everyone would make!

9. He's getting his daughter's last message tattooed before she's gone forever ...


10. He jumped into the water during the photo shoot for his wedding because he had to save a child who had fallen in

The photoshoot and the suit were ruined, but who cares? A child was in danger of drowning and saving his life was far more important than everything else. An event that none of them will soon forget. 

11. She crocheted all these hats, to donate to charity!

12. "My husband passed away a few weeks ago ... I found this written in the garage"

13. A priest who cares for stray dogs and takes them to church, so that they have a better chance of being adopted

14. The victories and achievements of an entire family

image: xyjesse

It is decidedly more motivateing to take the healthy path towards well-being if friends or relatives are also involved. This family has made incredible progress in the space of a few months, not to mention the fact that ... it has grown in number! 

15. "My dad was worried my deaf-blind dog wouldn't recognize him after a year in quarantine but I think he did."

16. A boy helps his opponent, an autistic boy who got lost in the race

The two boys were competing for a school competition. One of the two, Adam Todd, is an autistic boy who suffers from epilepsy and who had suddenly gone off the track, distracted by the noise of an ambulance. Evan, his "opponent", went to retrieve him and brought him back to the race, running the last few kilometers with him, hand in hand. A true sporting victory!

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